Dental Promotions and Special Offers In Burleson, TX

At Anderson Orthodontics, we are about as flexible a practice you’ll find when it comes to financing your orthodontic treatment. We want to make your treatment work in the family budget, which is why we're always running promotions specials.

Schedule an appointment at our Burleson, TX dental office today to take advantage of our current offers!


Match Program

What's a $500 match? It means we will match your down payment up to $500!

So… if you decide to make a down payment of $200, we will match that and discount your out-of-pocket costs by an ADDITIONAL $200, essentially turning your $200 down payment into $400 and decreasing your monthly payments accordingly.

If you want to fully take advantage of this program, choose to make a down payment of $500. We will then credit your account the same $500, turning your down payment into $1000 - and making your monthly payments that much more affordable!


Orthodontic Consult w/ Exam & X-Rays

Wondering if you or your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment? Call Anderson Orthodontics today to schedule your FREE orthodontic consultation. Dr. Anderson's pressure-free assessment includes a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and a customized treatment plan!


Teeth Whitening With Orthodontic Treatment

There's nothing better than showing off a straight smile after orthodontic treatment is completed. To make that smile even more luminous, we are offering FREE teeth whitening treatment to all of our patients!

Starting As Low As $300 Down

Traditional Metal Braces

Dr. Anderson is committed to providing the community of Burleson with quality orthodontic care that everyone can afford. Our traditional metal braces start as low as $300 down. We also offer no-interest monthly payment plans to help keep your orthodontic journey as manageable as possible!

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